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This is the Web Site of the Mid-Sussex British Motorcycle Club 


The Mid Sussex British Motorcycle Club was formed in 1995 to promote an interest in British Motorcycles of any age. There is no obligation to own a British bike - only to have an interest in them.

From the original 10 people who turned up at the initial meeting, the membership has risen to over

The Club meets on the first Thursday of every month at The HASSOCKS HOTEL , (brighton side of the station)

During the year The Club organises a number of activities including Wednesday evening & Sunday runs, trips to organized events and shows.

The club also organises short holidays in Yorkshire and Northern France. We also run a number of social events.

To keep the membership informed, the Club issues a Bi- monthly magazine, “Mag-Neto”, this can only be downloaded


The Club has an envious reputation with other clubs in the area. We have members who are connected with all the major clubs (VMCC, BMF) and many of the one-make owners clubs so we are well informed on most motorcycling issues. We also have members who take part in trials, sprinting and road racing.

Involvement in other motorcycling activities would be considered if interest was shown.



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